Choosing your experience.

Selecting a scene

Simply look towards the experience you would like to view.

How to select your experience.

Target selection

You will see a cursor on screen. Experiences can be selected with this cursor by looking directly at the menu option, ensuring the cursor is over the menu option.

Navigating the environment.

Navigating the environment

The entire scene can be viewed with head movements, simply look around.

Navigating between views.

Hotspot navigation

When multiple views are available, you will see a marker appear in your field of vision. Place your cursor over this hotspot to move to the alternative view.

Return to navigation.

Help features

You can access menu options by looking down at any point during your experience.

Place your phone into the headset Launch the QM2 Virtual Reality experience.  »

To begin, touch the button above and place your device in the headset.